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Dagmar Tempesti, Vagabond

Dagmar was born in the darkest reaches of space in the Three Galaxies… Aboard a freighter, of course. He and his littermates came to be nineteen of your years ago on board a garbage scow bound for the United Worlds of Warlock - the last galactic empire to tolerate the Ratanoid presence.

Dagmar was a character I created years ago and played briefly in the only Rifts campaign I've ever played in while living in Arizona. He was a fun character and I was able to bring a little comic relief to the group.

It was in the UWW that Dagmar began to learn the value of running to live and run another day. Though magic remained a fascinating force to him, he never had the discipline to learn it – to the annoyance of the few sorcerers who tried to teach him. Dagmar’s lack of patience and willingness to try to circumvent the rules left many labs and tutoring centers little more than smoking craters. Needless to say, he never stayed on the same planet for long.

In the end, Dagmar began to develop a his own mental abilities and put them to use “transporting” (legally or otherwise) arcane artifacts and mystical objects. He knew about the existence his psychic abilities years earlier, but didn’t bother to develop them until his eighth year of life -- preferring to try and learn magic.

After a number of years running the space lanes, one of his jobs went awry and Dagmar lost his ship and all the goods. Not one to stand up and say he screwed up – especially not to Splugorth and their minions -- Dagmar fled aboard a cargo freighter bound for the outer sectors of the Thundercloud galaxy. En route, however, something went wrong with the Rift drive, causing a catastrophic explosion and sending Dagmar flying through the Rift to a planet called Earth. There, he awoke sprawled across the floor of Tolkeen’s council building.

After numerous questions and some medical tests, Dagmar was released and allowed to make his own place in the city. And he did for a time – fascinated by the wondrous city of magic and all it had to offer. Unbeknownst to the small, furry humanoid, though, was the existence of a massive army on the outskirts of the city-state waiting to invade.

And invade they did, obliterating the city and Dagmar’s new home and many of his friends along with it. Now, Dagmar skitters through the remains of the city, searching for something – anything – that will help him get rid of those who ruined his life for the second time.


Dagmar, like many of his race, acts quite cocky, but is, in reality, very much a coward. He underestimates his own abilities and is always more than willing to hide behind someone bigger. He’s also come to the realization that he is the only one of his kind on the planet - though he really hasn’t seen much of it - and he’s determined to survive.


Dagmar - “Dag” to his friends - is a short, furry humanoid which resembles some type of bipedal rodent (though not to the extent of the ratlings). He wears very plain clothes – when not in any body armor - and a pair of tinted goggles to keep the bright sunlight from hurting his sensitive eyes. He’s owns only with what he can carry on his person and his bike (which he managed to salvage in decent condition after the CS attack on Tolkeen).