Savage Age of Shadow

The Resistance

I started putting together a one-shot adventure to run at RinCon 2017. I've been focused mostly on the adventure, so much so that I almost forgot I needed to create the pre-generated characters. These are a bit rough and will be fluid as I continue working on the adventure (and hopefully after the adventure), but they're a good start. Full stats will be made available in the next few weeks.

Dorn Resistance Member

Recruited at a young age from the orphanage in Baden’s Bluff, you don’t really know a life that doesn’t involve fighting against the yoke the Shadow holds over your homeland. Dorns were the first humans to inhabit central Erenland and fought hard against the Shadow in the First and Second Age. Once proud and noble, many Dorns are little more than broken shells or traitors, but not you. You’re certain you have family somewhere and you hold on to hope that they are fighting back against the Shadow, or died free.

Kurgun Scout

A member of the dwarven clan which remained on the surface, you’re part of the first line of defense against the Shadow. Often sent in pairs, you venture into the Eastern Hills to keep a watchful eye on enemy activity and movements. It’s dangerous, but without you The Clan is fighting blind. You’ve spent years training to remain unseen, kill silently when necessary, and escape notice. Now it’s time to put that training to the test.

Sarcosan Freerider

Always on the move, you have managed to stay one step ahead of the Warlord Azogduk’s forces. They aren’t numerous near the southern edge of the Eastern Hills, but the more trouble you cause (even if it’s just the trouble of not getting caught), the more Warlord sends his forces to hunt you. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid orcs and their goblin-kin soldiers, but you’ve encountered a few travelers who tell tale of a resistance that is standing against the Shadow. When you meet this “resistance” you and the other Freeriders will stand with them.

Gnome Smuggler

You prefer feel of a riverboat’s deck beneath your feet, but you can’t spend all your time on the water. There’s work to be done. Product and people to move.. Well, product and forces of the Shadow. Moving people can get you killed if the legates or warlords catch you. Luckily, your family is careful. It’s just too bad others subjugated by the Shadow can’t see the assistance you provide. If they knew, they’d probably treat you and your family like a king. One day they’ll learn the truth, though. One day, we’ll bring the Shadow to his knees.

Erenlander Channeler

Damn fools! Run out of town by the other villagers, not by the Shadow’s legates or their savage bodyguards. No, you were exiled, beaten, and left for dead by your own family and those you called “friend”. All because you had the audacity to be gifted with the rare ability to draw sorcerous energy from Aryth. These days, nobody draws attention if they can avoid it and sorcery does just that. That suits you just fine, though. You may not purposefully draw icy stares from the Shadow’s lackies, but you’ll keep them from looking your way again. Still, you need allies in a world like this, but who can you trust when everyone is so untrusting and scared?

Savage Age of Shadow


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