Heroic Realm of Regnum


Krakus is lavishly wealthy kingdom occupying the plains and forests between Sunder's Vein and the Scarlet River north of the Zarackis Mountains. The humans of Krakus obtained their wealth during the last war and continuing to recent years through selling "servants" to nobles and rulers throughout the realm. Krakus is ruled by a monarch from the Alpha noble house of slavers. A new Alpha house is decided when the present monarch dies or is weakened and overthrown by another house.

The slavers of Krakus control a relatively small area of land. Farms and ranches are frequent in the central grasslands, as are the occasional large city. The western forests house two of the five capitols while the forests along Sunder's Vein and throughout the northern arm of the kingdom house two more. The final capitol is found on the northern sea coast.

Due to the frequent slave trading, dozens of races live in the region. Some are free, but rarely are anyone but humans considered freemen.