Heroic Realm of Regnum


This kingdom is one of the smallest, occupying only a single peninsula and three small islands. The Kingdom is broken into dozens of small fiefdoms resulting in very little cohesiveness and no central ruler. With the numerous fiefdoms so loosely allied, few of them would protect another were it to be threatened by aggressors. Each fiefdom controls, on average, 300 square miles and the largest controls nearly 600 square miles.

The Greenwater Kingdom controls the forests and grasslands of the peninsula, fiercely attacking any intruders out of fear. This "no trespassing" policy has led to the belief that the kingdom is ruled by barbarians and there should be no dealings with them. Only the occasional trader seeks profit with the Pelijian goblins or, even more rarely, the Sussurian Elves. With each fiefdom controlling their own peasants, the population is self-sustained with agriculture and the fief lords by the peasant work.

The Greenwater Kingdom is comprised by humans with only a scattering of other races working as peasants. This is largely due to the policy of "attack first, question later."