Heroic Realm of Regnum

Golduk Empire

The Golduk Empire is a collective of Orc tribes allied under a single banner. Though Palladia scholars would argue that it is impossible for Orcs to be civilized, they have not yet come to Regnum. The Golduk Orcs, while considered civilized and currently at peace with the other kingdoms, remain one of the more aggressive factions. Rumors abound that the kingdom is consorting with other-dimensional beings, including demons.

The Golduk Empire occupies the isthmus on the western side of the West Inland Sea and all but the largest island off the coast of Sussuria. The land itself is heavily forested, with lush, semi-tropical forests near its southern border with the Silver Coast. The islands house fortresses and watchtowers, routing any ship that ventures too close. While this upsets Harrowheart and Sussuria, they have learned to keep their distance. The Gray Mountains in the south house gold and silver mines that are closely guarded. A variety of livestock is raised in the foothills near the Gray Mountains and throughout the forests of the Empire. Fishing and limited trade with neighboring countries supplement the kingdom's economy.

The Golduk Empire is the largest known concentration of Orcs in the Realms and dimensional scholars have puzzled over its existence for centuries. Few other races live in the Empire, limited only to Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and the occasional gathering of Gromek. The Empire is ruled by a Shamanic Council comprised of the Shaman governor of each province. Not coincidentally, a different tribe populates each province.