Allies & Adversaries

Personalities of Ustalav

Here are a few key personalities from a recent Pathfinder campaign set in Ustalav.

Lev Mokashev

Dwarf, Ftr7/Exp4
A stout dwarf native to Vieland, he retired from adventuring early after suffering a permanently withered right arm.

Lev grew up in Lepidstadt, his family working as a liaison between the clan and the human population. His family remained in Lepidstadt working with buyers of the materials the clan mined in the orc-infested peaks on the county’s western border. After his sister was kidnapped by orcs on a return trip from the mountains, Lev took up the axe and searched for his sister, killing every orc he came across.

After searching for years, it became apparent the orcs had done something with his sister and he widened his search, convinced she was still alive. Eventually, his search led him into a dangerous nest of ghouls plaguing his clan from depths of Golarion. It was here he suffered his withered limb and was forced to give up the search when no magic could restore it. Reluctantly, and with a heavy heart, he returned to Lepidstadt with his final trophy and opened “The Jawbone”, as it’s known to the regulars.

His companions have continued the search, vowing to not return without their clansman’s sister.

Calina Gratcheva

Calina grew up in Lepidstadt. Her grandfather had been an officer in the City Watch and her father had many run-ins with the City Watch. Calina worked in more of a gray area, doing what was profitable and somehow avoiding the scrutiny of the City Watch. She and Serin (see Secrets & Riddles) were friends growing up, but hadn’t spoken since he left for Caliphas.

About a year ago, her father got involved in a get-rich scheme with a group of local treasure hunters. He was killed while scouring the ruins of an ancient city, unwittingly crossing into an area held sacred by the local tribal lizardmen. She now owns a tavern in the docks area called The Magic Maidenhead.

Sometime in the past year, she brokered a deal for Petr Kirov to hire a crew for an expedition into an area east of Lepidstadt.

Feona Peskow

Feona is a colleague of Kirov’s, though her particular specialty differed from his. Professor Peskow was a scholar studying ancient cultures in Ustalav, including those of the non-human tribes in the area.

She sent Calina’s father to his death, tipping the group off to a “treasure beyond imagination” in the ruins where he was was killed. She believed what the treasure hunters did defiled the cultures in the region. They “politely” declined her request to cease their activities, so she countered by feeding information about a treasure in the ruins, knowing they would not be able to resist – also knowing the Crimson Fin Tribe held the area sacred and would react with violence.

Fillyp Asimov

Fillyp was Serin’s mentor (see Secrets & Riddles) when the youngster first ran away from home to live on the streets.

After Serin left, Fillyp continued to scavenge on the streets for the next few years before deciding to turn his life around. He met Professor Kirov while working a con in the local marketplace. He came to know the professor and began working with him to gain entry into the University.

Eventually, he was granted admittance and began an apprenticeship with the professor, hoping to make his mark as an archaeologist. It was Fillyp’s death that brought Serin back to Lepidstadt. Fillyp was killed because of his connection with the professor and because he knew of the heretical copy made by Longstride. His presence on the expedition sealed his fate.

Pavel Godina

Pavel is Professor Peskow’s assistant at the university. He meets with students and occasionally teaches classes for her while she is a away. He was also a key element in providing the false information to Calina’s father (although unwittingly).

Petr Kirov

Male Human Aristrocrat

Petr is an Ustalav native who grew up in Orsk, a small village in the foothills north of Tamrivena. Though most villagers were superstitious and distrusting, Petr exhibited an unusual curiosity about everything. Not a single member of his family was surprised when he left to study ancient religions at the University of Lepidstadt. Neither were they surprised when he continued his studies as a professor there.

Though his family may not be surprised, their incessant pleas for him to settle down, start a family, and return Orsk has left Petr distant from them. He returns home for festivals, but spends his remaining time in Lepidstadt or studying the ruins and megalithic sites around the county of Vieland.

From his studies and since his tenure at the University, Petr has become something of an expert in the the monoliths that dot the remote Vieland countryside. Recently, he has been excited about a new discovery, though he has yet to share that discovery with his colleagues at the University (see the Neplyuev Stones).

Stefanya Gurov

Female human (werewolf) Fighter 8
In werewolf form, Stefanya is a vicious creature, covered in brown fur. Her human-like eyes glow a pale red in the moonlight.

Stefanya is a werewolf and a member of The Order of the Dreaming Dark. She is also the real murderer and has been using the locals’ superstition about the Beast of Lepidstadt to create a scapegoat.

The lycanthrope is also tasked with hunting down the traitor, Vantus Longstride.

Vantus Longstride

Elf cleric 10/rogue
A gaunt, pale figure with sharply pointed ears wearing black robes adorned with crimson symbols

Vantus was once a member of The Order of the Dreaming Dark, but committed heresy when he made a copy of their sacred text. He is now hunted by Stefanya Gurov, though he is anything but a friend to the adventuring party.

Vantus still believes in the Order’s goals to awaken Bulav the Dark Dreamer, but must now attempt to do so without the Order’s resources.

Vladmir Zacharov

Human ranger 4
Tracker for the Vieland Militia

Vlad is a tracker of some renown with the Vieland militia. He operates at a small outpost along the main trade caravan route with the dwarves and the markets in Lepidstadt.