Allies & Adversaries

Lord Devis Amodus Azalon

Since he was an infant, Devis was born and raised in the royal court of the new "Kingdom of Elves." Being the youngest of five, Devis was not in line for any succession and was instead deemed to inherit the position of diplomat. Unfortunately, it always seemed he was unable to be polite to guests, diplomats, and visiting emissaries. His parents soon realized this and decided that his brackish attitude and affinity for sneaking about should be put to better use.

They began his training at the "diplomat's guild." In reality, this guild turns rogues and thieves into some of the best trained intelligence agents and spies for the Kingdom. At first, it seemed Devis was not suited for this either. Though not exceptionally clumsy (in fact, he was quite agile), he could never master the art of moving about silently or remaining unseen. For this, he was taunted, jibed, and humiliated time and again by other members.

Time and again, Devis was humiliated and stormed off in a rage, determined not to embarrass his family by lashing out. One day, while sitting in the forest nursing his most recent wound (including a very nasty physical wound sustained when he was pushed into a rack of weapons by another student), he was startled by a strange human walking out of the dense foliage.

He sat with Devis for some time and they spoke at length of recent events. Finally, the human offered Devis a deal: in exchange for some yet unnamed favor in the future, he would help Devis overcome his lack of ability. Skeptical at first, and a little wary of the stranger, Devis agreed. Not out of a desire to please anyone, but out of a desire for vengeance and his hatred of those who continually taunted him. That night, black storm clouds rolled over the hills on the western horizon.

It rained and rained hard, causing floods and swift currents in the nearby river. Two of the rogues, including the one that pushed Devis into the weapons rack, were swept away by the river. When the rain and thunder and lightning stopped the next morning, the bodies of the young Elves were found drowned and broken from being battered by trees and rocks. Somehow, Devis knew that he had been responsible, at least in part, for their demise and, yet, he didn't care. Devis moved further down a dark path.

Several years later, Devis completed his training. Since the storm, he had become more focused and had learned several new abilities he could use to persuade, hide, detect, and deceive. Not entirely certain of their origin, Devis didn't care. He had done what he had once though impossible and his family, once again, held him in the highest regards.

Ten years later, he was given a small plot of land to oversee. He left most of the tasks to his servants and lieutenants, using the rest of the time to perfect his abilities. While traveling through the forest, Devis began to suspect he was being shadowed. He evaded as best he knew how, but still the creature shadowed him. Determined, he stopped in the center of large clearing and awaited the beast's approach. Emerging from the forest was a wolf, black as night, but not bearing it's teeth. Instead, much to Devis' surprise, it spoke. At first Devis was in shock and unable to respond. He soon learned that the beast had been sent to watch over him. Devis knew this was not an unheard of experience, but has been a little suspicious ever since.

Devis, overseeing his lands, let the seasons go by. Slowly his estate grew and with it his influence within the Kingdom. As Devis practiced his abilities in the forests surround the Amodus Estate one Spring evening, he was momentarily taken aback when a tiny gnome was revealed by his globe of daylight. By this time, Devis knew from what he drew his power, even if he did not know his Master's name. Somehow, this didn't bother him, but the presence of a trespasser did (especially knowing how Devis' 'kind' are shunned). At least at first.

After a short standoff, the two began to speak. While both came off a bit arrogant, it seems that the phrase, "birds of a feather," once again holds true. The two got along and spoke at length of various magicks, though both were careful not to reveal any secrets. Abdu, as he is known, began to frequent the Amodus estate, visiting Lord Amodus (it was all Devis was willing to reveal of his name and all he has ever revealed to anyone outside the Noble family).

Two years later, a courier arrived with a sealed message from the High Lords of Blackmoor.

My Lord Amodus:

The Regal Emperor of the Glorious Western Empire has requested an audience with our ambassador. There appears to be a great deal of turmoil spreading throughout his realm. You are to travel at once to the Empire of the Setting Sun and assess the situation. We have a great deal of treaties with this great human nation and wish to ensure that we are in no danger. Do what is necessary to ensure that His Imperial Lordship Itomas remains on the seat of power.

High Lord Alhandra Aerlyn of Blackmoor

Not wishing to disappoint, Devis began packing immediately. Surprisingly, Abdu wished to accompany him. Devis agreed. It would be a long and dangerous trek across the northern coast of the Old Kingdom, but he was confident. And with the gnome, it would make the trip go faster and Devis would have someone he could trust to watch his back. It seems that his final test as a diplomat was here.


In general, Devis does the right thing for Blackmoor and his family's allies. There are times when he simply lashes out in anger and frustration, however he is honorable and believes that one's word is bond. Never agree to something you cannot carry out. He cares little for those who stand in his way and less for those who do not keep their word. Anyone who gets between Devis and his goal is not likely to leave standing, or breathing for that matter.


Devis stands nearly seven feet tall and has dark brown hair and gray eyes. He wears a pair of ordinary trousers with a white shirt and dark gray vest. His hair is kept short and well groomed and he is always clean-shaven. When traveling he wears a simple gray cloak to keep away the weather. On his left shoulder is a tattoo (the rune symbol for "eternity") etched with black ink.


Given Devis' disposition, he is Aberrant with occasional leanings toward Miscreant.

Demon Familiar

Name: Skrag
Alignment: Aberrant
Animal Type: Wolf
Horror Factor: 10
Armor Rating: 12
Hit Points: 45 S.D.C.: 10
I.S.P.: 70 P.P.E.: 78
IQ: 10 ME: 19 MA: 12 PS: 23 PP: 14 PE: 20 PB: 10 Spd: 28

Combat: 3 physical attacks, 1 magic, +2 vs magic, +4 vs horror factor, +1 strike, +1 parry, +2 dodge

Supernatural Abilities:
Speak in animal form (will not do so in the presence of others unless commanded).
Obeys only Devis and will follow his commands without question
Bonded with Devis (+20 HP and +40 SDC to Devis)

Psychic Abilities:
Invisible Haze (30)
Telekinetic Force Field (30)
Pyrokinesis (varies)
Bio-Manipulation (10)
Induce Nightmare (15)
Group Mind Block (22)

Same as Devis