Allies & Adversaries

Misunderstood Hulk: Olaf

Olaf is physically imposing, as are most Tusks, standing over seven feet tall and looks to be nothing more than a hulking brute. The Tusk was forced to flee his hometown and leave his family behind after being falsely accused of crimes. He spent many years living a solitary, nomadic life in the Civilized Lands until, one fateful day, he met Saxon, a Dru stricken with a strong wanderlust.

Olaf grew up near the village of River Bend, his family having settled and built a small farm away from the majority of the townspeople, accustomed to mistrust. One morning, Olaf was heading into town when he came across an overturned wagon and several bodies. He immediately dropped his potato sacks and began checking for survivors that needed assistance. As he kneeled down to check on a small girl, he was surprised by a shriek of terror.

The Tusk looked up just in time to see a woman on a horse take off at full gallop toward town. Thinking little of it - he had witnessed the reaction many times - Olaf, finding no survivors, continued on toward town. When he arrived, he was greeted with enmity and shouts calling for his hanging. The young woman on the horse had arrived ahead of Olaf and begun to spread word of a violent creature that had slaughtered the entire Remington family on their way into town. Olaf's attempts to explain the situation fell on deaf ears and, fearing for his life, he fled River Bend in fear of his life.

For many years, Olaf wandered The Civilized Lands, avoiding towns as much as possible and living in solitude. He woke one morning to the smell of a meal being cooked on the campfire by a particularly friendly Dru. Suspicious at first, Olaf came to know and like the Dru, named Saxon, and they have been friends and travel companions ever since.

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