Allies & Adversaries

Malethar, Litorian Bounty Hunter

Malethar’s origins are a mystery, even to him. The Litorian race is one not seen in Turmish before and, except for Malethar, to this day. The Bounty Hunter was found by a party of woodcutters as an infant and spent his childhood raised by the Gildenglade Orphanage. Malethar grew up amid woodcutters, carpenters, and miners – all trying to work within the restrictions set forth by the Emerald Enclave. He spent his days at the Orphanage educating himself in local lore and grew fascinated with the challenge of hunting. Perhaps it was something with his feline nature, but it led him to Alaghôn when he came of age and left the Orphanage for Alaghôn.

In Alaghôn, he apprenticed himself to Oskar Balderk, a local Dwarven bounty hunter of some renown. He spent his first year acclimating himself to the new city and learning his way around the streets, the neighborhoods, both good and bad, and the secrets – especially those places where people went when they did not wish to be found. After familiarizing himself with the city, Malethar began his training with Oskar. The Litorian learned the art of non-lethal combat, something which often came only with great effort – his feral nature can be a brutal sight if provoked – capture, investigation, and other skills necessary to success in “the business” (as Oskar usually referred to bounty hunting).

Malethar’s final test was to complete a bounty on his own. A task he only recently completed. Unfortunately, the local Captain of the Guard views bounty hunters with disdain, viewing them as little better than vigilantes and believing they cause more trouble than they prevent. The Captain of the Guard is under the impression that successful bounty hunters send a message to the populace that the City Guard is ineffective or incompetent. Malethar simply ignores the man as best he can; trying to prove through action that he can be an effective asset to the city.


Malethar has several long-term goals:

  • Found a company of bounty hunters
  • Determine his origins and find others of his race


Malethar’s cat-like nature is evident in his personality. He loves the thrill of the hunt and chase, but is bound by a personal code of honor he can’t begin to explain. The Litorian is generally quiet and thoughtful, but is downright savage and brutal if provoked. He growls when irritated – something that can be unsettling to those who’ve not witnessed it – and purrs when content (and apparently when he sleeps). Malethar will not compromise his personal moral code for any reason, even if it means turning down a lucrative employment contract.


Malethar stands over six feet tall and is covered in light brown fur. His head, like that of a lion, has a shaggy mane of dark brown hair which he keeps carefully groomed and pulled back in a fashion not unlike dreadlocks. He has bright green eyes with vertical slits and larger than usual canine teeth. He dresses in plain clothes – undyed breeches, a white shirt, black vest, green forest cloak, and comfortable boots.