Allies & Adversaries

Daine Andel Nailo

Daine was born in the eastern-most territories of the Elven empires, growing up with a family with a great deal of heritage in the empire’s military. Each of Daine’s ancestors did their part in the defense -- his father in cavalry, mother in the War Mage’s division, grandfathers in the Griffon Riders, among others. When Carthon laid siege to the empire, it was only natural that his family took up arms against the Drow raiders.

His mother killed in the first assaults from the sea, Daine and his father retreated with the remaining members of the army under the continued barrage of magic and arrows. All told, only a few hundred of the defenders escaped from the city that day, a dozen under the command of Daine’s father. The forests offered temporary shelter for the group, some of the members being experienced scouts and rangers, as well as a staging ground for their resistance movement.

Daine spent the days training in the Art of the Sword and Bow with the others, the pocket of resistance slowly growing as other escapees from the carnage found their hideaway. Unfortunately, as a group gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to conceal its presence. A group of Goblin, Orc, and Bugbear scouts located a foraging party. Miraculously, most of the elves escaped after slaughtering most of the scouting party. A few of the scouts managed to escape, eventually leading a Drow extermination squad to the encampment during the night. Only Daine survived the massacre – even then only because of the aid of a Treant in the area.

Now, Daine rejoices in the death of Carthon and seeks to ensure that such an individual never ascends to power again. He offers his sword and bow where he can, willing to ride in cavalry and fight the good fight with any being of honor and good who will take him.


Daine, under the circumstances, does his best to remain jovial. With many of his countrymen dead, Daine remains in perpetual mourning until a time when the Elven empire is reborn. He is solemn and serious, rather unusual for an elf, but willing to celebrate every victory he faces never knowing if it will be his last.


Daine stands a hair over five feet tall. He sports an athletic build and always wears a short sword on his belt. His skin is a pale silver and his hair, worn long and braided into cornrows, is a deep, full red. He meets gazes confidently with gray eyes. He typically wears a plain white tunic covered with a brown vest, brown cowhide leggings and boots, and an arm protector for his left arm. Occasionally he wears a green forest cloak should the weather require it, but he prefers not to as it restricts access to his sword and quiver.

In battle gear, he dons a suit of black leather armor, a longsword sheathed across his back behind the quiver of arrows. He always carries his long bow at the ready, dropping it and drawing a sword only if the enemy gets to close.