Allies & Adversaries

Key Figures in Queen's Ranch

Queen's Ranch was first home to the Queen family and has continued to be so for generations after the Fall. The family's story is both tragic and heroic. These are the stats I created for the Queen family that you can use to get started with the family as an antagonist to your player crew.

Mathias Queen

Might 4D
Knife 5D
Brawl 7D
Lift 6D
Stamina 6D

Wit 2D
Craft 3D
Survive 4D
Track 3D

Agility 4D
Dodge 5D
Handgun 6D
Rifle 6D
Stealth 6D

Charm 3D
Persuade 5D
Ride 4D

Perks: Hardiness

Complications: Age

Thomas Queen

Might 3D
Brawl 4D
Stamina 5D

Wit 3D
Medicine 4D
Navigate 4D

Agility 4D
Rifle 5D
Stealth 5D

Charm 2D
Ride 3D

Perks: Fast Draw, Perceptive

Complications: Personal Code

Sylvia Queen

Might 2D
Stamina 3D

Wit 4D
Epic 6D
Medicine 5D

Agility 3D
Stealth 5D

Charm 3D
Ride 4D

Perks: Quick Study

Complications: Crazy (Water Phobia)

Aether Feats: Telepathy, Induce Fear

Jason Queen

Might 2D

Wit 4D
Computer 5D
Craft 5D
Repair 5D
Search 5D

Agility 3D
Drive 4D
Rifle 4D
Stealth 5D

Charm 3D

Perks: Recall