Advanced Class: Shape Shifter

 I.. I don't know, sir. It was a man when he charged us, an enormous, bipedal wolf when it tore out Baker's throat. I just ran after that.
- Sergeant Damian Shaw, 2nd Recon Group, New Caldera Expeditionary Forces Court Martial Hearing

It's been difficult to pin down the exact origin of the Shape Shifter. Their story resembles the legendary lycanthropes of Earth's past, but it's unclear exactly when after The Fall they first appeared. The first stories seemed to told by travelers from the North and West of the Civilized Lands - hunters tracking game following a set of prints that mysteriously change to human footprints or an animalistic human that runs down prey, feasting on it raw.

Others tell stories of a chase, as local constabularies try to catch a criminal, only to have him duck down an alley way and vanish and no one seeing where he or she went.

Required: Wit attribute of at least 3D

Cost: 3D in starting skill dice, or 45 CP

In Breachworld, Shape Shifters use Aether to manipulate their own genetic material and gain attributes they would not otherwise possess or change their appearance entirely.They are not limited to organic forms of life as certain types of Machine Men have shown an affinity for infiltration protocols.

On acquiring this Advanced Class, the Shape Shifter immediately gains the following:

  • The Epic skill starting at the Wit attribute level
  • Access to the Shape Shifter Feats
  • Two Shape Shifter Feats of choice (described below)
  • The ability to learn Shape Shifter Feats with character advancement
  • The ability to purchase Epic Perks.
  • The ability to take Epic Complications.

Suggested complications: Infamous, Fearsome Visage