Player Race: Sebekans

Sebekans are brutish, reptilian creatures with thick limbs and an elongated snout. Their facial structure makes it difficult to pronounce many words common on Earth, giving them the appearance of low intelligence. On the contrary, Sebekans are highly intelligent strategists, with a keen intellect and affinity for military strategy. 

The creatures originally emerged from a breach near Ottawa, quickly making a home in the nearby rivers and marshes. The Sebekans have since grown in numbers and spread out along rivers and marshes throughout what was once southern Canada, the Great Lakes region, and Northeastern United States. Rarely, a lone Sebekan will buck the traditional tribal culture and leave on Sojourn or be exiled for crimes. 

Sebekans are a superstitious and mystical race, their tribal leaders being powerful Epics. These same individuals are believed to be deific avatars sent to lead their tribe. Intricate ceremonies are deeply ingrained in many aspects of the tribe's life, from birth to death to rites of passage. While the Sebekans are generally peaceful, incursions into their perceived territory are swiftly and harshly repelled. Sebekan tribal warriors are methodical and strike surgically, preferring to do as much damage with as little effort as possible. 

On their homeworld, the technology is primitive, but the Sebekans have adapted to the availability of newer technology on Earth, employing it in battles between tribes over territory. 


Sebekans are reptilian creatures with thick legs and covered in scales. Their arms are leaner, enabling them to wield hand-to-hand weapons with deadly speed and accuracy. The head resembles an Earth crocodile, earning them their nicknames.

Also Known As

Crocs, Gator-men, Snouts


Attribute Dice: 12D
Skill Dice: 8D

Might: 3D / 5D
Agility: 1D / 3D
Wit: 2D / 4D+1
Charm: 1D / 3D+2

Move: 14

Racial Perks: Armor (Light), Hardiness