Player Race: Hoots

Hoots get their name not from any sound they make, but from the close facial resemblance to Earth owls. Hoots are a humanoid avian race, incapable of flight. They are believed to originate from a breach in what was once Northern Colorado, and have spread west into the rugged mountains. Their upper body is covered in feathers, allowing them to endure colder temperatures with greater ease than many humans.

Hoots are nomadic by nature and while they are not hostile toward their own kind, they are rarely seen sharing a community. Once every three to five years, male Hoots undergo extreme wanderlust lasting four to six months. During this time, they seek out the company of a mate, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles in search of a female. It is for this reason the population remains very low. Traditionally, the male remains until the clutch of 2-4 younglings is weened and, while not mated for life to the female, he often remains in the area (within 25 miles) until his next wanderlust.

Hoots have poor vision in daylight or very close (less than 10 feet), but excellent night vision, capable of seeing detail up to a mile away with only the light of a single candle, making them excellent scouts and explorers.


Hoots stand between five and seven feet tall and average 190 pounds. In place of body hair, Hoots' upper bodies are covered in feathers, ranging in color from light, golden brown to black. Their nose is hooked, much like a raptor's beak, and they have very wide, circular eyes of brown to yellow. The face is often lighter in color (white or grey) and they have two feature tufts which can be mistaken for horns from a distance. The creatures' forearms and legs are covered in yellow or orange scales, similar to Earth birds.

Also Known As

Saucers, Birdmen, or Lizardfoot.


Attribute Dice: 12D
Skill Dice: 6D

Might: 1D / 3D
Agility: 1D+2 / 4D+1
Wit: 1D / 4D
Charm: 1D / 4D

Move: 15

Racial Perks: Eagle Eye, Nightvision
Racial Complications: Disability (Daytime Sight)