Breach Creature: Harriers

 I'm tellin' ya, Sarge. I ain't never seen a Tusk tore apart like that, flailin' about even as the things cut him to ribbons.
- Corporal Jonathan Fisher, Hood 3rd Infantry Group, After Action Report #FH-9862-689-03

Harriers are bird-like creatures that hunt in packs. Their exact color varies, but all resemble large birds of prey, with a razor sharp beak, feather-covered body, rending talons, and incredible speed. A single Harrier is about the size of a large house cat (15-20 lbs). The only anatomical feature which identifies this creature as a Breach creature is a pair of small forearms enabling the creature to grapple its prey and hold it in place (or hold on).

Alone, the creature is a minimal threat, but Harriers hunt in packs as small as six and as large as 20, making them a powerful predator of even the hardiest Tusk. Most small packs (8 or fewer Harriers) will only go after prey such as deer or elk. Larger packs tend to be bolder and will strike against a solitary humanoid or small group (4 or fewer).

A common tactic is to panic their prey, allowing others spread around it to strike. Often times, a small number (2-4) will run into scrub to flush prey for several others waiting in nearby trees to pick off.

Scale: +0D

Might: 1D
Brawl 4D, Stamina 3D

Agility: 3D+1
Dodge 5D+1, Stealth 4D+2

Wit: 1D

Charm: 1D

Dodge 16, Soak 3

Move: 12

Fly (120 ft/ 36.5 m per round)
+1D Talons