Allies & Adversaries

The Wizard Frost

Kanda Frostpath, known to everyone around him simply as Frost, is strange Wolfen, at least among the Ice Eye Tribe. Frost has forsaken the primary religion of the tribe and has left to aid the world, wolfen and non-wolfen alike. This has caused some strained relations between Frost and his people. But others understand, so life goes on…

Frost was born to a family of boat builders. The eldest son, but with one older sister, he was expected to take over the family business. Imagine the surprise when Hanish Iron Eyes, a renowned Wolfen soldier, showed up with an escort of elven and human mages and soldiers to take him off to study the mystic arts. Initially, Frost's parents protested, then they were shown the writ bearing the Imperial Seal of the Wolfen Empire. The writ stated that his destiny had been prophesied and that he was needed. His descent from the ancient tribal leaders of the Ice Eye, denoted by his white fur and wintry blue eyes, only solidified their claim. Thus, his parents reluctantly gave up their son.

What they did not know, but were horrified to learn later, was that the documents had been forged and Frost was whisked away to some unknown destination. Hundreds of miles away, in the mountains bordering the Land of the Damned, known as the Hinterlands, Frost studied under shadow mages and elemental masters and shamans who spoke with the dead. It was with the power he learned from these tutors that would help him to fulfill his destiny.

His destiny was forseen, not by the Wolfen Imperial Court, but by Nyodo Skatelin, Prophet of Bletherad. Frost was instrumental in learning the truth about The Zealotry. For this reason, he was taught the ability to conceal himself among worshippers of Chantico, to speak with the dead, and to defend himself with the bitter cold. Finally, he was taught to decipher ancient texts and to notice things that most people would not notice so that he might uncover the truth. Throughout his studies, Frost always looked to Kym-Nark-Mar for guidance and he hasn't quit.

After completing his training, Frost was sent out into the world to find the information. His first stop, the Chantico-infested slums of the Western Empire. When he succeeds, he is told, the rewards will be great.


Frost is black-furred (his fur was white, but he was forced to dye it in an effort to hide better) Wolfen with piercing blue eyes. He dresses in shades of blue, accented with white, further denoting off his lineage. Frost always carries a Quarterstaff of the polished mahogany capped with iron to add balance and give weight to his strikes. Beneath his clothing, Frost always wears the holy symbol of Kym-Nark-Mar. For the most part, Frost wears his robes, but wears his tunic and pants when on the road.


  1. (D) May or may not keep his word of honor. Frost is forced to make difficult decisions, sometimes unable to keep his word of honor. It is not because he does not want to, but because he cannot. Bletherad above all else.
  2. (D) Lie and cheat if he feels it is necessary. Frost must keep his quest a secret and to that end, he lies regularly, even to those he considers friends.
  3. (C) Not likely kill an unarmed foe, but certainly knockout, attack or beat one. Everyone has their values. Even if his family would not understand, Frost believes in this. The only exception to this are followers of Chantico, and each time he breaks this tenet, he bears more guilt.
  4. (A) Never harm innocents. Frost is very careful to follow this. The innocent are not a part of his quest and should never be unwillfully involved.
  5. (D) Use torture to extract information, but not for pleasure. Frost, in his quest for information, must gather all the information he can. Unfortunately, Chantico Cultists are usually less than forthcoming when it comes to information and Frost must be certain they are not lying.
  6. (C) Seldom kills for pleasure, but in revenge is ok. Frost, when he has been wronged, is a very difficult Wolfen to deal with. If someone comes between his target and himself, then they are no better and Frost is likely to try to kill them too.
  7. (C) Helps those in need, but only with some ulterior motive. Frost needs to fund his quest and he expects compensation in most cases. Only if the person was an innocent bystander will he help without material compensation. He'll ask that the aided person spread around who it was that helped them.
  8. (A) Works well in groups. Frost, despite his need for secrecy, knows of the age old creed: "strength in numbers." Besides, it gives him the chance to screen other possible recruits for the Guardians of Bletherad.
  9. (D) Have no deference to laws or authority, but will work within the law if it serves his purpose. Unfortunately, working in secret also means circumventing local law all too frequently. Frost just needs to make sure that he is out of the area when the authorities come calling.
  10. (B) Possibly betray a friend. Frost agrees that the protection of the Library of Bletherad is all important and if he must betray a friend's trust because the Library is in danger, then so be it.