Allies & Adversaries

Kazim al-Sajid

Kazim al-Sajid was born to a minor noble family in the City of Llorn in the Eastern Territories. He fell out of favor with his family after an unfortunate incident involving an argument about who was to become the family's patron. It ended with Kazim's older brother lying on the floor, drowning in his own blood.

After the incident, Kazim was forced into exile, at which time he fled to Timiro and, eventually, across the Old Kingdoms to the Western Empire. At one time, he would have liked to have returned home, but has since begun to enjoy his position in the Empire of Sin, reveling in the fear, power, and prestige he now commands.

Many have scorned his choice of weapons, many have also died by those same weapons, and even fewer know of his experience in elemental mysticism. Kazim's weapon of choice is a Bo staff, though his competition for deadliest assassin are rather puzzled by this choice and often wonder how he gets such an oversized weapon inside. What no one knows or suspects is that the weapon is magical and can be shrunk to the size of a butter knife, enabling Kazim to easily conceal the weapon.

Kasim is presently in the employ of House Kaze as a spy and assassin, both of which he performs admirably. Kazim is kept on permanent retainer and is given only the most important missions. As do many others in the Western Empire, Kazim has his own agenda and is using House Kaze to gain the leverage he needs to usurp the power from one of the other provincial houses.

To accomplish this, he quietly gathers allies within the provincial military who are loyal first to Kazim. It is only a matter of time before he begins his coup, destabilizing the region once again.


Kazim terrifies the people he encounters. He says little, and what he does say pertains to the recent noble he murdered or scandalous information he obtained. Kazim is quiet and reserved, but his façade belies his intelligence and cunning. Kazim is also an excellent actor, able to subtly manipulate people for information and seduce even the chastest of women to acquire the necessary information. When he is unable to take the information by diplomacy or cunning, Kazim is more than willing to kill the person and take the victim's head back to House Kaze's psychics who can then extract the information.


Kazim is dark-skinned human of below average height. He dresses in outfits reminiscent of Earth's ancient Middle East. Kazim hides his face, leaving a slot only large enough for his steel gray eyes to show. His clothes are of a tan color, similar to that of sand, and his cloak is black. Underneath all his coverings is dark skin, brownish color, and black hair kept short.