Heroes 2055


There are many factions at work behind the scenes in 2055. Some work with existing governments, while others seek to tear them down.

The Platinum Order

The Platinum Order is a mysterious organization of psychics. The society remains secret, as do the identities and number of their members. The organization uses their abilities in an effort to control world powers and bend government officials to their collective will. Unknown to the Eurasian Coalition Bloc, this group is responsible for the uprisings in Eastern Europe. It is difficult for a secret society to operate in a country or region where citizens have no rights. Some members also serve as advisors to the Santerez family, primarily to verify loyalty among officials and soldiers.

  • Symbol: Dragon/Serpent coiled around a double-helix

Omega Black

Omega Black is a secret government organization of the European Union. Members of Omega Black are most often brought in to situations where terrorists are involved, however, there exists a squad within Omega Black that is trained to deal specifically with superhumans, particularly those that have escaped from EU research facilities. The organization is used to track down escaped experiments before they are discovered. This is very important to the EU given their outward stance on human experimentation and the creation of super-soldiers.

Omega Black is also the EU’s primary line of defense against terrorists and terrorist actions. If an assault is necessary in any type of situation involving violent terrorists, then you can safely bet the soldiers used will be from this elite military unit. Members are all specially trained in urban warfare.

Mutant Liberation Front

The Mutant Liberation Front is an extremist group with a growing membership. With the increasing animosity between mutants (some having dubbed themselves Homo superior) and normal humans, mutants (as well as experiments and aliens) seek safety in numbers. Not all mutants join this extremist group or agree with their philosophy, but enough do to cause the world powers concern. This particular group is more militant and follows the philosophy that Homo superior is the next step in human evolution and, like others before them (Homo neanderthalensis or Neandertals) will eventually be wiped out by the superior evolutionary race.

While this may be the destiny of humans, evolution typically takes thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years. Members of the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF) believe that they need to “help” evolution along by carrying out a war between humans and mutants. This has caused a great many government officials concern over how to deal with the problem without alienating all mutants.

Humanitarian Brotherhood

A mutant hate-group reminiscent of the KKK, the Humanitarian Brotherhood has been responsible for many assaults on, and in some cases deaths of, mutants. The group is most prominent in NAF, but also has members in the European Union, China Conglomerate, and the Eurasian Coalition Bloc. The group persecutes mutants, beating and sometimes killing them and their families.

The Brotherhood believes that mutants (they view anyone with superhuman abilities as mutants, thus, they persecute, non-human aliens, mutants, experiments, psychics, and mystics) are freaks, inferior to humans, and need to be wiped out. It is groups such as this that have brought about the creation of factions such as the MLF.

Black Razor

Black Razor is an anti-terrorist unit funded by Aquatica and specially trained in countering superhumans. The unit is composed of a division of troops from many different backgrounds, but primarily ex-military officers (Black Razor only accepts applicants who were career military with a minimum of eight years under their belt). Most soldiers in the Black Razor unit are human, but some superhumans do join. This has caused some friction between members, as some Black Razors are “purists”.

Aquatica formed Black Razor in an effort to create a neutral task force capable of eliminating superhuman threats. Because Aquatica has treaties with 90% of the planet’s nations (and some off-world), Black Razor is able to operate unimpeded in much of the world. Despite this freedom, Black Razor is forced to undergo covert operations in order to neutralize some threats. Covert operations are generally only necessary when it is a government sanctioned superhuman committing atrocities or acts of terror and/or espionage.

Section 13

Section 13 (usually referred to simply as Section) is a covert government agency in the NAF. It was started in order to investigate the increasing threat from vampires, though its charter has recently been expanded to include all supernatural and paranormal activity. Section has yet to discover the true extent of the vampire threat, but it is bound to happen eventually (it could take decades, perhaps longer).

Section’s current commander is Colonel Nero Wilstern. Formerly the overseer of a cluster of genetic experiments, the Colonel is rabid in the pursuit of his objective. What exactly that objective is changes with great frequency. Currently, it is to gather information on the supernatural elements and factions around the world and bring in live specimens for “research”.

Vampire Nation

This is a growing, but still secret, society of vampires that engages in subterfuge, espionage, and manipulation in order to gain a foothold from which to stage an invasion. The Vampire Nation (the name is deceiving as they are a far cry from a true nation) operates primarily in Eastern Europe and inside small nations (Luxembourg) and small states within countries.

Vampire Nation is run by an ancient vampire known as Prince Drakken. Legend has it he was once the right hand of Dracula himself, but most dismiss this (and the very existence of Vampire Nation and vampires as a whole) as a child’s fairy tale.

  • Masters/Mistresses of Cities: Ivy (Seattle)
  • Primary Ruling Body: Inner Sanctum (also called the Council)