Heroes 2055


What follows is an abbreviated timeline of events with historical signifcance in the Heroes 2055 setting. Any events in italics are specific to my own campaign (you can discard them if they do not fit into your own campaign's mythos).

14,000 B.C.E.

Atlanteans first encounter Dark Ones; Dark Ones attack unprovoked.

9,960 B.C.E.

Dark Ones destroy Atlantis. Bermuda Triangle dimensional anomaly results.

9,940 B.C.E.

Atlanteans encounter Dark Ones elsewhere in the galaxy; Dark Ones' campaign of obliteration continues.

9,900 B.C.E.

Atlanteans place permanent garrisson of ships in the Asteroid Belt to prevent the Dark Ones from reaching Earth.

9,000 B.C.E.

Atlanteans aid first Human (Homo sapiens) civilizations; leads to creation myths and the myths of gods, demons, and angels.

3,000 B.C.E.Thales, the first vampire, is born under the rare planetary alignment.
2,180 B.C.E.

Dark Ones send reconnaissance mission to Sol system; loses contact shortly after passing Jupiter. Atlanteans bury the few remnants on the Salisbury plain (England), build Stonehenge as a marker.

1,700 B.C.E.

First Atlantean-Human hybrid is born; results in the legend of Herakles (Hercules).

1428 C.E.Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler, Dracula) is born
1458 C.E.Vlad Tepes is turned into a vampire; Vampire Nation formed
1927 C.E.Platinum Order founded
1939 C.E.

Atlantean-Human hybrids (Mutants) begin to appear with increasing frequency.

1999 C.E.Pakistan becomes a nuclear power.
2001 C.E.

U.S.-China Standoff over a downed surveillance plane. Soon after, a new Cold War between the U.S. and China begins.

Renewed fighting in the Balkans between Ethnic Albanians and Yugoslavs; conflict spills over into neighboring countries.

Global Warming Scare begins; temperatures rise an average of 10 degrees worldwide.

2002 C.E.World powers band together to develop pollution-free transportation methods.
2003 C.E.China invades Taiwan; invasion repelled with U.S. aid.
2004 C.E.Cold Fusion discovered
2006 C.E.Construction of the Missile Defense Network is completed.
2007 C.E.

World powers increase anti-drug initiatives; put pressure on Central and South American governments to put a stop to the drug trade.

India launches a massive nuclear strike against Pakistan; Pakistan launches an immediate counterstrike. Both countries are reduced to wastelands.

Taiwan provided with Missile Defense Net.

2009 C.E.

Santerez Cartel begins to fight back against anti-drug efforts; cartel usurps control of the governments of Columbia, Ecuador, and Panama.

First manned spacecraft to Mars is launched.

NAF launches its most advanced spy satellite.

2010 C.E.Manned Mars spacecraft arrives at the Red Planet.
2011 C.E.U.S. and Canada merge to form one country (calling itself the North American Federation) despite Quebec's opposition.
2012 C.E.

Santerez Cartel successfully takes control of Peruvian, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, El Salvadoran, Honduran, Belizean, and Guatemalan governments.

Mars mission returns to Earth; water is discovered in the Martian soil.

Humanitarian Brotherhood founded

2014 C.E.Human Genome Project completed and verified; the human genome is completely mapped.
2015 C.E.

North American Federation government declares bankruptcy; bought out by a conglomerate of American corporations. Quebec breaks away from the Federation and declares its own nation.

Russia reverts to Communism; begins to rebuild its military capabilities.

Mars terraforming mission is launched.

2016 C.E.

Santerez Cartel successfully takes control of Mexican government (though it will be another five years before the cartel controls all of Mexico's territory).

Dark Ones discover the "contamination" of Earth; send reconnaissance mission to Earth.

2017 C.E.Germany simultaneously invades Switzerland, Denmark, and France; Fourth Reich begins.
2018 C.E.Pacific Charter is signed, uniting the island nations of the South Pacific.
2020 C.E.

Mars terraforming is nearly complete; sabotage stops their work.

Mutant Liberation Front (MLF) founded

2021 C.E.Mars terraforming generator is destroyed; existence of a secret government research facility is discovered (location and sponsor unknown).
2022 C.E.Internet becomes primary method of commerce.
2029 C.E.Russian begins military campaign to retake its lost territories.
2031 C.E.Russia retakes its lost territories as well as most of Eastern Europe; renames itself the Eurasian Coalition Bloc. Beginning of the Balkan Campaign.
2032 C.E.Construction of the Atlantis stations is completed.
2030 C.E.England surrenders to the German advance; EU is recognized as a sovereign country.
2031 C.E.EU constructs super-soldier facilities throughout Spain, England, and Germany; Omega Black formed
2040 C.E.Smart cards implemented in 100% of population to conduct business transactions; paper money is made obselete.
2043 C.E.Atlantis declares sovereignty; renamed to Aquatica.
2045 C.E.Black Razor military unit formed and funded by Aquatica.