Episode 06: Something Big

Published on May 24, 2018

Wanted Level: 10

Lemme tell ya, Vic’s buddies have a knack for getting the Prophets into more trouble than we can get into on our own.  Naturally when one of them wanted to meet with Vic about “something big” the rest of us tagged along. Like usual it was a goddamn set-up.

We showed up using the cover story of being plumbers. I gotta hand it to Vic, when it comes to layin’ the bullshit on good and thick, there ain’t much better at it than he is. Figurin’ we were walkin’ into a trap, Vic had the good sense to call ahead.  Turns out the call was being redirected and someone on the other end was feeding the one manning the phone what to say to us. They were real keen on getting us inside the building.  Vic and Ric went inside they building and that’s when all Hell broke loose.

A nasty little surprise nearly took out Vic and Rick, but they managed to walk away from it with only a few scrapes.  The rest of us started taking fire from a nearby building. Ol’ Jack caught the scent of dog boys and tracked the scent to a nearby building. I didn’t go running up the stairs though.  I waited at the bottom with my vibro-knife drawn for some yutz to come running down.

Ol’ Jack didn’t have to wait long. One of those losers from the Chrome Jackals came running down the stairs and tripped over Jack’s foot. Dumbass should have watched where he was going. He went sprawling in the dirt and ol’ Jack drove the point home by placing the tip of his blade at the back of Rover’s skull and told him to “stay”.

Fer and Doc had their hands full with the other snipers. Ric and Vic came back down and got their guns and laid down some fire of their own. Let’s just say Rick went off his nut when he realized who we were dealing with. A beefy mountain of a dogboy grabbed Doc and threatened to off him unless we backed off. Rick had blood in his eyes though and stalked off after the Doc and his dognapper.

The dogboy started crushing the life outta Doc, but learned real fast why it was a bad idea to get up close and personal with someone that can suck away your life force. Doc looked like he was blissed out on some of his Old Spice, but Vic and Rick finally managed to get Doc away from him. The dogboy took off like a scared rabbit. Vic and Fer followed him while Rick, Doc, and I had a chat with my doggie.

Rick was merciless as he talked to “Ricky”. He got Ricky to cough up what he knew of where the Chrome Jackals hung out as well as a list of those he was hunting.  Turns out the Chrome Jackals had been hired to keep us from leaving the building.  He let Ricky live. Ricky started to run before ol’ Jack spun him around, stared him down, and growled at him to “Run”. O’ Jack thinks Ricky may have pissed himself. Damn that was fun.

Fer and Vic followed the dogboy to a ramshackle apartment. Inside was something to make you sick. There was a mom and young kid tied to the chairs. Vic and Fer got blindsided and came too bound to the chairs as well.  Worse there was a camera on them. Soon the dog boy appeared. His robot eye moved in sync with the damn camera. He moved over to the woman and tore her to shreds in from of the kid, Vic, and Fer.

We hightailed it to their position and took out the cybered up jackal. We cut everyone loose, but it was too late for the kids mom. The kid himself was pretty much catatonic. Ol’ Jack figured now would not be a good time for the kid to see another dogboy so soon after seeing his mother mauled by one, so he stayed outside while the others did what they needed to.

Afterwards, Rick took his share of the money we got from selling the weapons and rode off into the sunset in a shiny new mountaineer atv. The rest of us decided it was probably a bad idea to go back to the Top Hat so we decided to take a few days off and enjoys a few restful days at a hotel.

We thought the end of it. Turns out it was just the end of the damn beginning. Sirens started blaring and choppers whupped into view overhead. All of ‘em were carrying huge stone slabs about a hundred feet tall. Before we could even react, the choppers started dropping the stones in a circle around Firetown. It wasn’t what the Coalition usually did when a burb got too rowdy. Usually, they’d bring in a few bulldozers and raze the area. This time it seemed like they were cutting us off from everything else.

I’ll tell ya, ol’ Jack don’t like this one damn bit….