Epic Road Trip 2017 (Day 3)

Published on August 11, 2017

I took a quick hike before hitting the All American Road and heading for Salt Lake City. Highway 12 is one of my favorite stretches of payment ever and if you ever get a chance to ride it, you need to take it!

Before breaking camp, I made a quick trip to the Rim Trail to catch some of the hoodoos (stone spires) in the early morning light. It was completely worth the delay in getting on the road, but the sky was clear and the traffic nearly non-existent. Highway 12 wound through, first, the desert, then mountains before dropping me into a picturesque valley. I stopped for a quick bite and some coffee in Torrey before continuing on Highway 24 which would reconnect me with Highway 89.

Once I was back on track in Salina, it was a straight shot up the valley to Provo where I connected briefly with I-15 before being detoured around a major backup somewhere around city center. It took a bit longer to navigate the city as a result, but I arrived at my chosen hotel where I could settle in, sleep in a real bed, and take a much needed shower.

Hoodoos in the Morning
Powell Point
Highway 12
View from 9,600 feet
Highway 12 Pass summit
Mormon Temple