What follows is the result of a lot of discussions, years of gaming, and running campaigns. If I came up with a unique location, be it a city, faction, guild, or other such fictional group, you'll find details on that in the articles that follow.

A sorcerer came to me one day; it was strange, he wanted to know things, research he said. I being who I am, was confused, not fully understanding the mortal's need for this knowledge. Oh, but you must excuse me. You don't know who I am. Some call me Zimerath, others, Chertovkah, and still others, Master. I am a demon, from a realm which your tongue could not pronounce. I was summoned to this world one day, millenia ago, when magic was strong and Atlantis was only beginning to thrive. A sorcerer summoned me, but he was weak. Before he uttered his first command (though it would have likely sounded much more like a request) I tore out his throat and fed on his corpse.

When I first bought Triax and the NGR, I expected it to contain information much like the other books. Government information, notable NPCs, and city descriptions. What I found was far different. The book contained weapons, equipment and power armor, but no information on the cities of the NGR. It described the Gargoyle Empire quite well, however, there was only a timeline leading up to the current NGR; nothing on the current government or way of life of the "Neo-Germans." What I hope to accomplish here is to give everyone an idea of what the government, cities and citizens of the NGR are like. I plan to delve into the criminal organizations that are present as well as how the government is ruled. Lastly, what are the Republic's views on d-bees? We know they are human supremacists, but how are d-bees actually treated? Does the NGR go to the extremes the Coalition States do? This all will be discussed.