What follows is the result of a lot of discussions, years of gaming, and running campaigns. If I came up with a unique location, be it a city, faction, guild, or other such fictional group, you'll find details on that in the articles that follow.

Monks come in all varieties. There are those that promote peace and scholarly pursuits, represented by the Monk Scholar O.C.C. (see Book 2: Old Ones, p.14 for more information on this O.C.C.), and those of a militant nature who seek to destroy evil, represented by the Warrior Monk O.C.C. (see the Palladium Fantasy Rulebook for more information on this O.C.C.). There are additional monastic orders that promote different ideals. Here I will discuss just a few types of these orders (and provide details on some of the orders) as well as their philosophies. I will be drawing heavily on concepts from the Mystic China sourcebook (for Ninjas & Superspies, but a great resource for Palladium games in general), including Chi (pronounced like "key"), Chi magic (especially in terms of the Wu Shih O.C.C.), and some of the martial artist OCCs.

A secret society headquartered in the city of Destiny Point (for a complete description of the city, see Book 13: Northern Hinterlands, p.148), the Watchers of the Unspoken have been investigating myth and legend for centuries. The organization was formed after the disappearance of the Order of Ages, it's founding members intent on finding the truth about the history of Palladia. Organized in a cell structure, members know little to nothing about other cells and their operations (this has unintentionally led to cells competing against each other for the same tome or artifact - luckily, it is rare that more than one cell is operating in the same area).

This is a little something I cooked up sometime ago and happened across on my hard drive while looking at some older files for Palladium Fantasy (I've also located some others that I'll be revising and posting during the next few months). I'm currently planning to make up some of the characters mentioned in the text at a later time.

The House of Azazel is an ancient Elven house, one of the few still in existence due to the Elf-Dwarf War. Though members of this house have altered their surname over time, its traditions have survived the ages.

The House of the Leopard has always produced the largest number of duelists. Why this is, is unknown, but it is most likely due to the exceptional physical prowess present in all members of the House (minimum PP of 22).