The style of these characters varies wildly from a quick paragraph and basic stat block to full-blown character sheet. The reason is that some are actual characters I've played (or planned to play and never got the opportunity) and others were NPCs that I used during the course of a campaign, but there was never any direct conflict so full stats weren't really necessary. I find it handy to have a bunch of names and basic backgrounds on hand during a session because, inevitably, a player will ask what the shop keeper looks like even when it's not really relevant. Far from a bad thing, but it's caught me off guard.

Queen's Ranch was first home to the Queen family and has continued to be so for generations after the Fall. TheĀ family's story is both tragic and heroic. These are the stats I created for the Queen family that you can use to get started with the family as an antagonist to your player crew.

Here are a few key personalities from a recent Pathfinder campaign set in Ustalav.

Corliss is a character I'm playing in the Threat of the Empire game in the Campaign Center. This is my first experience with the d20 version of Star Wars, but my second run-in with the RPG (I played the old West End Games version some time back). My boss let me borrow all his Jedi-related stuff so I could get a better feel for their personality and training. Hopefully I can be "jedi" enough for this game. Enjoy the character.

Isarn was recently accused of murder in Hollowfaust. Though later proven innocent, his incarceration left him shaken. He departed Hollowfaust on the pretense of returning home to Burok-Torn, but the scars he carries may guide him in other directions. As of the 19th or Corot, 150 AV, Isarn travels the road south of the Hornsaw with a merchant caravan bound for the town of Three Moons in Calastia.

Despite his impoverished childhood and adolescence, A'Kosh always envisioned something more. He grew up in the slums of Upper Kighfalton, avoiding the constant purges by the Emperor and the regional Overlord to rid the region of the subterranean races such as Ratlings, Goblins, and Ratton. Somehow, he survived, though he became embittered and resentful after his kin were slaughtered. Starving and alone, he wandered the streets and sewers, stealing what he could and using his cobbler abilities to keep from being caught.