After passing through the massive gatehouse -- indicated as "The First Gate" by an engraved sign attached to the wall -- the streets teem with activity as people move into the city toward the markets and stores or out through the gate to destinations unknown. Numerous people move about, bargaining over vegetables, basic needs, and trinkets. The city's buildings are stained a dark gray from volcanic ash – the only color comes in the form of a red, indigo, pale yellow, or purple awning or banner, though fruits can be seen clinging to vines growing on the sides of buildings. The folk about the street -- primarily humans, with a mixture of elves, Halflings, and half-breeds -- are dressed in similarly bland colors.

The square beyond the First Gate is quite crowded. At the corner of one avenue, a woman has gathered a small crowd and sings a mournful tune. Glancing about, several people stand out, wearing gaudy, brightly colored outfits.

"Ignorance is no defense. See Bandaro & Bandaro," shouts one.

"Protect your goods and yourself. Come see Aiyar, Wiss, & Chander," shouts another.

The others seem to be shouting similar phrases, but their exact words are lost in the noise of the crowd.

The latest campaign saga I'll be running is a D&D 3e game set in the Scarred Lands. It prove s to be an interesting tale that I hope my players will enjoy. The story begins in the city of Hollowfaust with an elaborate web of intrigue intended to bring individuals from very different backgrounds together.

Dramatis Personae

Feng (Male Half-Orc Ftr): This character escaped slavery at the hands of his brutal progenitors and came to Hollowfaust -- one of the few cities where he could gain true acceptance. He works as a blacksmith's apprentice while his petition for citizenship is reviewed.

Molock (Male Human [Werebear] Clr): Molock is a merchant who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has chosen to remain with the Feng and Quarian now that he has become one of the hunted.

Quarian (Male Elven Drd): This elf is adapted to life beneath the surface of Scarn. He was raised by a coven of Dark Elven druids and seeks to heal the earth from the recent ravages of the Divine War. Unfortunately, some of his coven members were murdered and he has tracked the culprits -- a band of coal goblins -- to Hollowfaust.

Supporting Cast

Isarn: Aide to Osmodel, this mountain dwarf departed Hollowfaust after his innocence was proven in the murder of Linlith Aslan. But his experience in the Hollowfaust prision has left him different...

This campaign was run first as a Scarred Lands campaign, which later introduced Dragonstar and the sci-fi element. Everything after the first chapter was the direct result of player actions, so I'm sure anyone attempting to direct this story arc is likely to have some different outcomes. These are as complete a collection of notes that I have regarding the campaign, but I remember it being one of the most fun (and complex) campaigns I've run (second only to one of the last Rifts campaigns I ran).