For those of you that have stopped by before, welcome back! If you haven't already looked around, this is my little corner of the Internet that contains 15+ years of tabletop RPG resources. There's a heavy Palladium presence since I played their games from the time I was in middle school (about 12-13 for those that may not be familiar with US education groupings) up until several years ago. I'm still working through a backlog of stuff unearthed from my hard drive (and in need of some rewriting), but I continue to post new resources as I use it in my current Savage Rifts campaign.

While I still love Palladium and their settings, I've opted to pursue simpler mechanics. After backing the Breachworld RPG by Jason Richards Publishing (you might recognize his name if you're a Rifts fan), I fell in love with the Mini6 system, and you'll find some resources for that RPG here. Currently, I'm back in the realm of Rifts Earth and my familiarity and love of that setting is spurring a lot of new translations to the Savage Rifts RPG. As campaigns come and go, you'll see new material posted that relates to the epic storylines I seek to tell along with my players. What follows are many, many resources for these campaigns that I hope you will find useful in your own campaign.

The Black Hand is an assassin's guild operating in Timiro and Land of the South Winds, though they have recently begun to expand their operations thanks to help from a, virtually unknown, force in the Land of the Damned. The Black Hand is a very secretive organization and the fact that an individual has sought them out and offered to fund their activities, with no apparent ulterior motives, troubles the guildmasters immensely.

Corliss is a character I'm playing in the Threat of the Empire game in the Campaign Center. This is my first experience with the d20 version of Star Wars, but my second run-in with the RPG (I played the old West End Games version some time back). My boss let me borrow all his Jedi-related stuff so I could get a better feel for their personality and training. Hopefully I can be "jedi" enough for this game. Enjoy the character.

The following are very basic, undeveloped ideas that have crossed my mind for possible Dragonstar campaigns. Dragonstar is a very cool sci-fi game using the "classic" races from D&D. It's published by Fantasy Flight Games and is, IMO, one of the best d20 products out there. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting the release of their Guide to the Galaxy which will give detailed setting information (at this time, only the Starfarer's Handbook has been released).

This campaign is based out of the Timiro Kingdom and the Old Kingdom (and could lead to adventures in a number of other regions in the world). I've actually got a bit more to this, but it was becoming very specific to my own campaign world. What is presented here is a more basic version that should be easily implemented by anyone.

I ended up completely laying out the Timiro Calendar during some of my Palladium Fantasy RPG campaigns years ago.

Current Year: 1782 TR (Timiro Record), 5823 WR (Western Record), 18,223 EC (Elven Calendar), 71,345 DC (Dwarven Calendar)

Monks come in all varieties. There are those that promote peace and scholarly pursuits, represented by the Monk Scholar O.C.C. (see Book 2: Old Ones, p.14 for more information on this O.C.C.), and those of a militant nature who seek to destroy evil, represented by the Warrior Monk O.C.C. (see the Palladium Fantasy Rulebook for more information on this O.C.C.). There are additional monastic orders that promote different ideals. Here I will discuss just a few types of these orders (and provide details on some of the orders) as well as their philosophies. I will be drawing heavily on concepts from the Mystic China sourcebook (for Ninjas & Superspies, but a great resource for Palladium games in general), including Chi (pronounced like "key"), Chi magic (especially in terms of the Wu Shih O.C.C.), and some of the martial artist OCCs.

A secret society headquartered in the city of Destiny Point (for a complete description of the city, see Book 13: Northern Hinterlands, p.148), the Watchers of the Unspoken have been investigating myth and legend for centuries. The organization was formed after the disappearance of the Order of Ages, it's founding members intent on finding the truth about the history of Palladia. Organized in a cell structure, members know little to nothing about other cells and their operations (this has unintentionally led to cells competing against each other for the same tome or artifact - luckily, it is rare that more than one cell is operating in the same area).

The following are very basic, undeveloped ideas that have crossed my mind for possible D&D 3rd Edition (3e) games. Should I ever actually start playing 3e, I'm sure I'll catch some flak from someone about this (if anyone knows what I need to include on my page to cover WotC copyright notices, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll add them), otherwise, just know that there is some stuff that is copyrighted by WotC and I don't own some terms (like Greyhawk). And without further ado, the adventure seeds...