The Savage Age of Shadow is a pet project to bring the world of Aryth and the Midnight campaign setting created by Fantasy Flight Games to the Savage Worlds games. The lands of Eredane have fallen to the orc hordes, minions of the Shadow in the North. The banished god, Izrador, having corrupted the very magic meant to imprison him has cut the world off from the other planes. Having failed in his first two attempts to take the world by force, he conquered it by corrupting men and sowing seeds of suspicion and mistrust. Now, his word is absolute and the orc warlords he commands brutally enforce his will. Magic and literacy is outlawed. Worship of other gods is punishable by death. The human lands of Eredane are conquered, dividing the dwarf clans in the east and the elven forest strongholds in the west. But men are resilient and a resistance is growing.

What follows is a (very) brief introduction to the setting and the basics of what players need in order to create characters in Midnight. For complete information on Aryth, the world of Midnight, you should pick up the Midnight 2nd Edition from DrivethruRPG.

I started putting together a one-shot adventure to run at RinCon 2017. I've been focused mostly on the adventure, so much so that I almost forgot I needed to create the pre-generated characters. These are a bit rough and will be fluid as I continue working on the adventure (and hopefully after the adventure), but they're a good start. Full stats will be made available in the next few weeks.

When Izrador sealed the world’s planar connections, many fiendish creatures were trapped on Aryth and became infernal servants to the Shadow in the North. While many serve the dark god Izrador, it is the orcs and goblin-kin that act as his shock troops and warlords. Humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes have all been victimized by traitorous viceroys, chieftains, and clansmen. While only some know the betrayal of their kinsmen, all know the savagery of the orc.

The elves are considered to be elthedar or the elder fey and they did not always marry other elves. Over the centuries, the intermarriage of different races created entirely new races. Gnomes share kin in Eredane’s ancient history with Kurgun Dwarves and Halflings share the dark skin and lineage with the Danisil elves. No longer half-breeds, centuries of intermarriage has created two entirely unique races.

The elves of Eredane are children of nature, inhabiting the Great Forest of Erethor. Despite their ancient civilization and powerful magic, they inhabit the wilds and live connected to the ancient woodlands, devoted to the Witch Queen Aradil. They revere the natural world, creating dwellings in massive trees throughout the forest. While all elves share a cohesive culture and history, there are four distinct groups of elves.

The dwarves are an ancient people, their society structured along family lines. Like the Dorns, loyalty to the clan and honor is a central part of their lives. Dwarven clanholds once numbered more than 600, but as the Shadow continues its advance that number continues to dwindle. Most dwarven clans (about 4 out of 5) live underground in warren-like holds carved out of the mountains. The remaining Kurgun dwarves are surface dwellers and occupy the old dwarven surface cities in the south Kaladruns.

In this post, I bring you the human races inhabiting Eredane. The ancestral lords of the North known as the Dorns, originally inhabited Erenland before the Sarcosans invaded from across the seas. Out of this invasion and subsequent intermingling of the two cultures over the centuries, an entirely unique culture was born: the true Erenlander.

One of my favorite OGL settings was a dark fantasy world created by Fantasy Flight Games (in the heyday of d20, they were cranking out quality products left and right). The best way to describe it would be Middle Earth, but Sauron won the war. There's a lot of very Tolkien-esque concepts in the setting, but their approach and the concept of Heroic Paths was a pretty cool addition to the ruleset. Sadly, this came about when I was really just "collecting" RPGs since I had no group and I've never had the chance to play. Now, with my interest in Savage Worlds, I wanted to bring the amazing setting of Midnight to Savage Worlds and, hopefully, get the opportunity to run at least one adventure set in the Savage Age of Shadow with my current group of players. What follows is a brief introduction and in the coming weeks, you'll discover (or re-discover) the races of Aryth and the land of Eredane.