The Heroic Realm of Regnum was originally printed in The Library of Bletherad, but was only briefly described. While this, and the other realms described, will likely see their own book in one form or another in the future, this realm intrigued me and I started to write what I envisioned on the world.

While this may not be the same as what Palladium Books has envisioned, I like it. Unfortunately, like many of my projects, it is currently incomplete and will likely sit idle until I start playing Palladium Fantasy more frequently (no, I haven't stopped playing Palladium, just Palladium Fantasy and only temporarily).

Regnum is a world of teeming with magical energy and the land is ruled by a dozen empires. While the world has seen peace for over 10,000 years, there are some who would disturb this peace. Such was the case with my recent Palladium Fantasy campaign (details coming soon)

At present, I have only the overviews of some of the various kingdoms, but I plan to add (eventually) additional material on the Realm and finish overviews of the four kingdoms not yet described. I've also got a map up and running.

Azrac is a kingdom inhabiting The Barrens, a region in the West that was blasted clean of greenery by marching armies and terrible dragons during the last war. It is only now beginning to recover. Pearls farmed off the Azrac coast account for the kingdom's wealth and allow it to purchase the staples it is unable to grow. Sparse deciduous forests cover the coastal region of Azrac. Due to this and the lucrative gemstone and mining trades, the coast and the mountains are the most populous of the kingdom.

The most dangerous area in the region is the Trollbog, a marsh found at the Tundra River delta. While the name may indicate the swamp's inhabitants, the Trollbog is inhabited by a number of monstrous creatures and at least one dragon. The region officially falls under Azrac rule, but few can truly claim it and no one wishes to.

Azrac is primarily a human kingdom, with much of the population having dark skin, hair, and eyes. Those that have made their home in the coastal cities are generally quite wealthy. And this wealth attracts the less fortunate who seek their share of this wealth. The cities themselves are quite clean, with sculpted buildings of quarried stone and elaborate domes. The savannahs are inhabited by a number of nomadic tribes allied to the Azracan monarchy and scattered cities.

Aside from the dominant human race, various breeds of elves, Dwarves, goblins, and kobolds also inhabit the Azrac region. Due to the harsh environment (compared to their native forests and mountains) these races differ from their standard Palladia cousins in that they are better suited to surviving in the water-deprived savannah.

The kingdom of Daedala occupies the forests north of the Zarackis Mountains and east of Sunder's Vein. The oldest kingdom of the Realm, it is inhabited by the Elves and their allies. The kingdom, though it lost territory in the last war (over 10,000 years ago), has endured through countless invasions due to the well-trained rangers and superb guerilla tactics implemented. The forests here are thick and the scent of pine is ever-present. Forestry and the mining of iron support the kingdom and its elaborate citadels. The tundra of the Isle of Valencia, the only island occupied by the kingdom and named for the first Elven Regent, is well suited to seal hunting and fishing.

While the kingdom maintains an air of peace, the Elves fear a new invasion is coming from the Galvan Republic in the north or the Pelijian goblins to the northwest. The goblins of Pelijia have long been jealous of the expansive territories the others hold and the Elves fear they may act on their ambitions. The Galvan Republic, while inhabited by Gnomes and Dwarves (both of whom have allied with the Elves during the last several wars), is another possible danger. The Elves do their best to aid the kingdom, but expansionist plans seem to be prevailing in lieu of the current economic situation of the Republic. This worries the Elves, even though they would have kingdoms believe otherwise.

The forests of Daedala are inhabited almost solely by Elves. Only scattered villages of humans and rarely encountered magical woodland creatures dwell in the region alongside the Elves. Along Sunder's Vein lie two massive Elven citadels and the ruins of a number of ancient cities belonging to a race believed to be extinct.

The Galvan Republic is a kingdom of Dwarves and Gnomes existing in the cold tundra of the north. In the past, the region was rich in resources and food. Unfortunately, the seals have been hunted to the brink of extinction and what few mines do exist are nearly depleted. Formally, the Galvan Republic Senate has asked the Elves of Daedala for aid, however the Elves are unable to spare the quantity of resources necessary to sustain the kingdom. The Dwarves and Gnomes of the Republic, while openly understanding, are furious with the Elves only for the reason that they have provided aid to the Elves in the past and are now being left to die. Many are starving to death and the Republic, as a whole, is in decline.

The Galvan Republic currently occupies the two northernmost islands of Regnum and the tundra plain north of Daedala. Numerous underground complexes and abandoned mines dot the landscape along with farms and small ranches. Even the livestock and agriculture is insufficient to support the population, however blossoming trade with Pelijia is slowing the problem and may eventually help to cure it.

Only the sturdy Dwarves and Gnomes occupy this kingdom as it is too harsh for many of the races. Only the occasional visitor, sometimes from another dimension, is able to withstand the relatively constant cold.

The Golduk Empire is a collective of Orc tribes allied under a single banner. Though Palladia scholars would argue that it is impossible for Orcs to be civilized, they have not yet come to Regnum. The Golduk Orcs, while considered civilized and currently at peace with the other kingdoms, remain one of the more aggressive factions. Rumors abound that the kingdom is consorting with other-dimensional beings, including demons.

The Golduk Empire occupies the isthmus on the western side of the West Inland Sea and all but the largest island off the coast of Sussuria. The land itself is heavily forested, with lush, semi-tropical forests near its southern border with the Silver Coast. The islands house fortresses and watchtowers, routing any ship that ventures too close. While this upsets Harrowheart and Sussuria, they have learned to keep their distance. The Gray Mountains in the south house gold and silver mines that are closely guarded. A variety of livestock is raised in the foothills near the Gray Mountains and throughout the forests of the Empire. Fishing and limited trade with neighboring countries supplement the kingdom's economy.

The Golduk Empire is the largest known concentration of Orcs in the Realms and dimensional scholars have puzzled over its existence for centuries. Few other races live in the Empire, limited only to Kobolds, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and the occasional gathering of Gromek. The Empire is ruled by a Shamanic Council comprised of the Shaman governor of each province. Not coincidentally, a different tribe populates each province.

This kingdom is one of the smallest, occupying only a single peninsula and three small islands. The Kingdom is broken into dozens of small fiefdoms resulting in very little cohesiveness and no central ruler. With the numerous fiefdoms so loosely allied, few of them would protect another were it to be threatened by aggressors. Each fiefdom controls, on average, 300 square miles and the largest controls nearly 600 square miles.

The Greenwater Kingdom controls the forests and grasslands of the peninsula, fiercely attacking any intruders out of fear. This "no trespassing" policy has led to the belief that the kingdom is ruled by barbarians and there should be no dealings with them. Only the occasional trader seeks profit with the Pelijian goblins or, even more rarely, the Sussurian Elves. With each fiefdom controlling their own peasants, the population is self-sustained with agriculture and the fief lords by the peasant work.

The Greenwater Kingdom is comprised by humans with only a scattering of other races working as peasants. This is largely due to the policy of "attack first, question later."

Harrowheart is more a preserve or reservation than an actual Kingdom. During the last war, the Centaur clans aided Sussuria in its defense against Azrac. In return, the clans were given the plains between the two kingdoms, their ancestral homeland. Here the clans have ruled and wandered for ten thousand years.

The Centaurs are a nomadic people and wander the width and breadth of their homeland. Because of this lifestyle, there are no villages (except for the occasional seasonal camp) found anywhere.

Aside from Centaurs, scattered groups of other races, usually merchants, can be found traveling across the plains to other kingdoms or bartering with the Centaurs.

Krakus is lavishly wealthy kingdom occupying the plains and forests between Sunder's Vein and the Scarlet River north of the Zarackis Mountains. The humans of Krakus obtained their wealth during the last war and continuing to recent years through selling "servants" to nobles and rulers throughout the realm. Krakus is ruled by a monarch from the Alpha noble house of slavers. A new Alpha house is decided when the present monarch dies or is weakened and overthrown by another house.

The slavers of Krakus control a relatively small area of land. Farms and ranches are frequent in the central grasslands, as are the occasional large city. The western forests house two of the five capitols while the forests along Sunder's Vein and throughout the northern arm of the kingdom house two more. The final capitol is found on the northern sea coast.

Due to the frequent slave trading, dozens of races live in the region. Some are free, but rarely are anyone but humans considered freemen.

The Lacao Confederacy is a region of mountains and swamps ruled by the Dragon Lords. Few who venture in, even as diplomats, return. The Lacao Confederacy's Dragon Lords oversee their domain from a hidden council chamber in the Logurund Mountains. As dragons usually are, these Lords are protective of their domain and no outsider is allowed to see the council chambers. Those who have never returned wandered too close to the entrance. The Dragons perceived this as a threat.

Due to dragons' inherent anti-social nature, it is a wonder such a kingdom could be formed. The Dragon Lords claim the entirety of the Logurund Mountains and the land to the edge of the Hidden Forest, as well as the volcanic Isle of Flame. The Dwarves of Vilgard carefully watch this border since the Lizard Men of the marshes have little sense of borders (at least when they feel like it).

The Dragon Lords are very careful regarding the population of their domain. Only reptilian races live within the Domain of Dragons, especially Lizard Mages, Lizard Men, and Gromek. The Dragon Lords represent a half dozen of the species, each with their own domain within the Confederacy. Each Lord is presently satisfied with their territory and civil war has not erupted in centuries. There are rumblings in the Council, however, that some are becoming restless.