The year is 2055 and Earth has changed. Some say for the better, others say that the world is nothing more than a playground for those with power. Heroes and tyrants, the rich and the poor, all struggle to survive in a future where nothing is certain, and anything can be bought… For the right price.

Welcome to the second of my projects. This is the Heroes Unlimited setting I plan to run my game in. This is a work-in-progress and, thus, far from finished. The information you find here will cover each of the major regions of the world, an overview of the technology, and the various organizations and factions (both good and evil) that exist.

This setting currently consists of a world overview of the various countries of the world (though I have yet to develop each on individually and determine how each interacts with the others), a few of the organizations and government agencies, and an overview of the technological advancements that have taken place. I would highly recommend using the weapons from Aliens Unlimited and Century Station as a basis for developing new weapons for use in your own games.

Please note that I have drawn inspiration for this setting from several places, including the Babylon 5, Sentinel, Stargate, and Dark Angel television series, as well as various science-fiction movies and the Fading Suns RPG.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me (I'll be happy to give you full credit for the suggestion).

In 2055, technology has changed and humanity is different. Aliens and cyborgs are commonplace, but not everyone accepts these changes.

There are many factions at work behind the scenes in 2055. Some work with existing governments, while others seek to tear them down.

Technology has changed significantly since the dawn of the 21st century, with superb leaps made in medical, genetic, computer, and environmental research.

Below are just a few of the corporations present in the NAF. Unless otherwise stated, each corporation is a member of the NAF zaibatsu.

The North American Federation can be considered a shadow of what it once was. When the U.S. government declared bankruptcy, society nearly broke down in the interim. Riots and looting were commonplace until the NAF police force, called G-Police, was in place. While the overall quality of life in the NAF improved under the fledgling government, the gap that separated the haves and the have-nots grew.

The North American Federation (NAF), while still a democracy in practice, has become more of an aristocracy. When the NAF took control of the U.S. and Canadian governments, they took over control of all federal, state, and local agencies. Every law had to be rewritten and the system of government overhauled. While this took over two decades, it resulted in a loss of personal freedoms unprecedented in the history of the United States or Canada. Common citizens lost their right to vote unless they were privileged enough to own at least 5% of the NAF's stock. Privacy became something that is virtually unknown.

What follows is a very brief, work-in-progress overview of the world of Heroes Unlimited in 2055. At the time of writing, I extrapolated on actual news headlines and speculated on potential outcomes. These are by no means the only possible outcome.

What follows is an abbreviated timeline of events with historical signifcance in the Heroes 2055 setting. Any events in italics are specific to my own campaign (you can discard them if they do not fit into your own campaign's mythos).