The style of these characters varies wildly from a quick paragraph and basic stat block to full-blown character sheet. The reason is that some are actual characters I've played (or planned to play and never got the opportunity) and others were NPCs that I used during the course of a campaign, but there was never any direct conflict so full stats weren't really necessary. I find it handy to have a bunch of names and basic backgrounds on hand during a session because, inevitably, a player will ask what the shop keeper looks like even when it's not really relevant. Far from a bad thing, but it's caught me off guard.

Chaos. The one true force. Well, at least in my life.

I grew up with a hard life. The neighborhood was bad. Real bad. My parents, well, as long as they lived anyway, were drug addicts. Bastards. Luckily, life wasn't so hard for my mom before she had me, so I didn't come out with a bunch of fuckin' defects. Anyway, back to me. I grew up in New York City. Not a bad place, but I wouldn't wanna live there. The area I lived in was full of crack-heads, junkies, miscreants, and the lowest of the low. Come to think of it, there were a lot of lawyers, too. Hmm.. I'll muse about that another time. I managed to stay alive on the streets with street smarts and cunning. Even avoided the gangs, luckily.

Kazim al-Sajid was born to a minor noble family in the City of Llorn in the Eastern Territories. He fell out of favor with his family after an unfortunate incident involving an argument about who was to become the family's patron. It ended with Kazim's older brother lying on the floor, drowning in his own blood.

Grron was born in the Old Kingdom among one of the most vicious tribes of the region, The Demon's Paw. The tribe frequently raided area settlements of Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes, only occasionally launching attacks into the Empire of Sin's territories. However, Grron believed that if the sub-humans of the Old Kingdoms were to ever escape the persecution of the humans and the "pretty" races, they would have to fight back.

Kanda Frostpath, known to everyone around him simply as Frost, is strange Wolfen, at least among the Ice Eye Tribe. Frost has forsaken the primary religion of the tribe and has left to aid the world, wolfen and non-wolfen alike. This has caused some strained relations between Frost and his people. But others understand, so life goes on…

Neklor was born into slavery. He didn't have a choice, not even a fighting chance. He was simply raised that way. Neklor, however, wasn't like the other ogre slaves. Yes, he was still forced to do manual, hard labor, but he showed more intelligence than most of his brethren. Perhaps that is why, one fateful winter day when the snow fell heavily in the Scarlet Mountains and fog blinded people's sight, Neklor made his escape. He needed only kill the sentries guarding the corridors on his way out. Once he reached the courtyard, he would be able to cross, unseen, to the gates of the keep.

Or so he thought…