The style of these characters varies wildly from a quick paragraph and basic stat block to full-blown character sheet. The reason is that some are actual characters I've played (or planned to play and never got the opportunity) and others were NPCs that I used during the course of a campaign, but there was never any direct conflict so full stats weren't really necessary. I find it handy to have a bunch of names and basic backgrounds on hand during a session because, inevitably, a player will ask what the shop keeper looks like even when it's not really relevant. Far from a bad thing, but it's caught me off guard.

Hector Ochoa leads a team of bounty hunters, including Aidan Quinn and a pair of juicers, operating in and around the Great Lakes. Since the Fall of Tolkeen, they have been cleaning up, sending dozens of powerful d-bees to their deaths at the hands of Coalition interrogators and scientists.

Aidan Quinn spent much of his life in Northern Gun and Quebec. Since throwing in with Hector and the start of the Tolkeen War, life's been pretty good .. And profitable. Sure, he lost a limb and that put something of a damper on his psychic abilities, but he's learned to despise the inhuman invaders and channel that hatred into using their own abilities against them (augmented by a little good ol' fashioned tech, of course).

The backbone of the New Caldera Defense Forces is the infantry. In addition to standing watch at the perimeter of New Caldera Valley, the infantry units are responsible for policing and protecting the fledgling city-state and are the first to respond when a Breach Creature is spotted in the Valley.

Olaf is physically imposing, as are most Tusks, standing over seven feet tall and looks to be nothing more than a hulking brute. The Tusk was forced to flee his hometown and leave his family behind after being falsely accused of crimes. He spent many years living a solitary, nomadic life in the Civilized Lands until, one fateful day, he met Saxon, a Dru stricken with a strong wanderlust.

Malethar’s origins are a mystery, even to him. The Litorian race is one not seen in Turmish before and, except for Malethar, to this day. The Bounty Hunter was found by a party of woodcutters as an infant and spent his childhood raised by the Gildenglade Orphanage. Malethar grew up amid woodcutters, carpenters, and miners – all trying to work within the restrictions set forth by the Emerald Enclave. He spent his days at the Orphanage educating himself in local lore and grew fascinated with the challenge of hunting. Perhaps it was something with his feline nature, but it led him to Alaghôn when he came of age and left the Orphanage for Alaghôn.